I’m Teaching on Skillshare

In my classes, I’m sharing everything I learned when it comes to illustrations and pattern design. P.S. If you’re new to Skillshare, grab any of my class links and get 14 days for free to learn and explore. You can find all my classes here. See you there!

In this class, I’ll show you a method for creating intricate, editable pattern designs exclusively in Procreate.

Using this method you’ll be able to easily create seamless repeat even for complex pattern designs, make adjustments as you go, and recolor your final pattern swatch.

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In this class, we’ll exercise our creativity. We’ll draw with scissors to create unique paper cut-outs and explore shapes and colors to find new ideas. We’ll assemble everything by hand into a collage and later digitize it and fill it with details in Adobe Illustrator.

If you’ve never tried this before you’ll be surprised how different it is from starting your art projects with just a pen and a paper.

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Throughout this class I want to move you a bit, take you on a creative adventure where we’ll explore how to illustrate bold and funky flower forms, how to compose an engaging composition, and play with colors while making a unique art print.

I’ll share with you my thought process and workflow while creating a new art print for my current collection and in that way, we can practice all these skills together.

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In this class, I’ll show you how to make your own amazing and unique textures and we’ll use them directly in Adobe Illustrator.

It’s incredible how much texture can change the overall vibe of a digital illustration. It can really give it that organic handmade vintage look.

And it’s even more incredible that you can make them by yourself only using what you already have at home.

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