Hi, I’m Nina, even though everyone knows me as Di Ujdi. I’m an artist, illustrator, and pattern designer.

I’ve been present in the art world for quite some time, and thanks to my creative curiosity I’ve explored many different art fields.

I started my journey as a street artist, wrote a novel (because why not), painted and exhibited my art, worked as a graphic (web, ux/ui, you-name-it) designer, created a brand of art scarves and now I can selfishly say that I’m working in the areas I LOVE the most – illustration and pattern design. (That’s where we can work together for your project)

I’m also a proud top teacher on Skillshare. I’m super passionate about teaching and grateful for the wonderful community I have there! If you’re interested to learn about illustration and pattern design and work on fun projects, definitively check out the classes and join us (Just find links in the upper menu, section: ‘classes’)